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Chapter 1: Core Mechanics
Chapter 4: Talents
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Chapter 7: Social Encounters
Magic Rules


Keepers of History

Mission: Attempting to maintain historical purity at all costs. (371 Original Members)

  • Take extensive notes on history and attempt to gain knowledge of all periods.
  • Only recruit people who would have normally died, and are intercepted before their death.

The Protectorate

Mission: Attempting to make Korra a better world for all citizens through all time periods. (376 Original Members)

  • Using a powerful magicical bio-synthetic machine (SAVIOR of Korra — Selective Application of Variance In Order to Restore), all of GR’ history is uploaded and decisions are made and expected to be followed in order to properly fix the future. These missions are sometimes hard to square with morality as this non-sentient machine uses cold and calculated logic to better the planet of Korra. The protectorate often house spies within the Keepers of History, as their knowledge helps feed this machine.
  • Recruitment is left to the determination of the machine.

Temporal Cabal

Mission: Abusing time for their own wealth and betterment. (175 Original Members)

  • Power Corrupts, and Absolute power corrupts absolutely. There is nothing in the entire universe as powerful as controlling time. Unlimited wealth, unlimited power, and the ability to shape history is too tempting for these individuals. They have decided to work together to reshape Korra and to a lesser extent the universe, in a way that they see fit.
  • Occasionally other factions use them as mercenaries.
  • Recruitment is based on merit and how much an indivudual may contribute to the Cabal.


Mission: – Attempting to kill all intelligent life on Korra. (78 Original Members)

  • Some were off-worlders who understand the power of that they wield and are scared by it. They want to erase the Korran people so that time travel is never discovered.
  • Some were driven mad by the fact that their partners, children, or friends no longer exist, or that their partners married other people. Others can’t cope with the guilt of erasing the existence of people who once existed.
  • Recruitment is based on how much destruction that a given user may inflict. It is a loose faction that is made of several sub-factions that all attempt to destroy the Korran people so that time travel no longer exists.

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