Chapter 4

Tier 1

5 XP Each

Name Activation Ranked Description
Bought Info Active (Action) No Buy Knowledge for 50x Difficulty Level
Clever Retort Active (Incidental, Out of Turn No Once per encounter, add ΩΩ to another’s social skill check
Defensive Sysops Passive No Defending Computer system; add (SS) to enemy roll. Automatically alerted if hacking attempt is active when at a computer
Desperate Recovery Passive No Heal 2 strain if instead of 1 at end of encounter if 50% of strain is gone
Duelist Passive No Add B to melee combat when fighting 1 person; Add (S) if fighting 3 or more people at once
Durable Passive Yes Reduce Critical Injury Roll by 10 per rank
Forager Passive No Remove up to (SS) when dealing with food/water/shelter. 50% less time in these actions
Grit Passive Yes Increase Straing threshold by 1 per rank
Hamstring Shot Active (Action) No 50% less damage, but character is immobilized for 1 round (Ranged only)
Jump Up Active (Incidental) No Stand from prone/sitting as an incidental
Knack For It Passive Yes Choose a skill. Always remove (SS) from it. Cannot be combat/magic skills. Second rank on; select 2 skills per rank.
Know Somebody Active (Incidental) Yes Once per session, lower rank of legally obtained item by 1 per rank
Let’s Ride Active (Incidental) No Mount/Dismount a vehicle as an incidental; switch positions in vehicle as an incidental
One with Nature Active (Incidental) No Same simple (-) survival check instead of discipline/cool check to regain strain
Parry Active (Incidental, Out of Turn) Yes Must have melee weapon drawn. Spend 3 strain to reduce damage by 2 + Parry ranks.
Proper Upbringing Active (Incidental) Yes In polite society; spend 1 strain per rank for an automatic (^).
Quick Draw Active (Incidental) No Draw/Holster as incidental. Reduces Prepare rating by 1 (min. 1)
Quick Strike Passive Yes Add (B) for each rank when making a combat roll against someone that hasn’t gone yet.
Rapid Reaction Active (Incidental, Out of Turn) Yes Spend 1 strain per rank to add ☼ to initiative
Second Wind Active (Incidental) Yes Once per encounter, heal strain equal to Second Wind
Surgeon Passive Yes Heal 1 additional wound per rank in surgeon
Swift Passive No Do not suffer penalties for moving through difficult terrain
Toughened Passive No Increase wound threshold by 2 per rank
Unremarkable Passive Yes Other characters add × to any checks made to find or identify you.

Tier 2

10 XP Each

Name Activation Ranked Description
Basic Military Training Passive No Athletics, Ranged, and Resilience are now career skills
Berserk Active (Maneuver) No Once/encounter Add ☼^^ to all melee checks. Opponents add ☼ to combat checks against. Suffer 6 strain at end of encounter.
Coordinated Assault Active (Maneuver) Yes One range band per rank. One character per rank in leadership add ^ to their next attack
Counter Offer Active (Action) No Stagger enemy (opposed negotiation/discipline). If triumph
Daring Aviator Active (Incidental) Yes Add Ω per rank to add ☼ to piloting/driving roll
Defensive Stance Active (Maneuver) Yes Use one strain per rank, upgrade difficulty by that much to hit
Dual Wielder Active (Maneuver) No Decrease difficulty of the Two Weapon combat check by one.
Fan the Hammer Active (Incidental) No Add auto-fire to pistol; run out of ammo.
Heightened Awareness Passive No Allies in short range add (B) on perception/vigilance checks. Allies engaged add (BB) instead
Improved Defensive Sysops Active (Incidental) No Must have Defensive Sysops). Add ×Ω instead.
Inspiring Rhetoric Active (Action) No Make Average (DD) Leadership check. For each ☼, an ally in short range regains 1 strain. For each ^, add 1 additional strain.
Inventor Active (Incidental) Yes when making a new item; add (B) to the check per rank. Can also attempt to build something on description only.
Lucky Strike Active (Incidental) No Spend 1 Story Point after a successful hit to do damage equal to the combat check attribute.
Scathing Tirade Active (Action) No Make (DD) Coercion check. For each ☼, Enemy within short range suffers 1 strain. For each ^, add additional strain
Side Step Active (Maneuver) Yes Take 1 strain per rank, ranged attacks against you are upgraded against you.

Tier 3

15 XP Each

Name Activation Ranked Description
Animal Companion Passive Yes Have animal size of dog at Rank 1. Each rank, it can be bigger. Can do 1 action per round. Can also be a robot.
Barrel Roll Active (Incidental, Out of Turn) No Silhouette 3 or less airplane/spaceplane; Take 3 system strain and reduce damaged equal to Piloting ranks
Distinctive Style Active (Incidental) No Add ☼☼ΩΩ to hacking result. Use I Know You! on Table 1.2-22 for threat.
Dodge Active (Incidental, Out of Turn) Yes Ranged/Melee targets you, Take 1 strain per rank to upgrade combat check.
Eagle Eyes Active (Action) No Increase shots by ranged weapons by 1 range band for 1 attack per encounter.
Field Commander Active (Action) No Make (DD) Leadership check. Successful; number of allies equal to your Presence suffer 1 strain to perform 1 out-of-turn maneuver.
Forgot to Count? Active (Incidental, Out of Turn) No When opponent makes ranged check and rolls ΩΩ, can cause their weapon to run out of ammo
Full Throttle Active (Incidental, Out of Turn) No Make (DDD) Piloting/Driving check. Successful; engine speed increases by 1 for each rank in Cunning
Grenadier Active (Incidental) Yes When blast ranged weapon used; Spend 1 Story Point to use the Blast instead of ^. Grenades also have Medium Range
Improved Inspiring Rhetoric Passive No Must have Inspiring Rhetoric. Add (B) to all skill checks for rounds equal to ranks in Leadership
Painkiller Specialization Passive Yes When character gives/takes painkillers, increase 1 wound healed per rank.
Improved Scathing Tirade Passive No Must have Scathing Tirade. Add (S) to all skills checks for rounds equal to ranks in Coercion.
Heroic Will Active (Incidental, Out of Turn) No Choose 2 characteristics. Use a Story Point to ignore the effects of all Critical Injuries on any skill checks using those characteristics.
Natural Active (Incidental) No Choose two skills. Once per session, you can reroll one skill check with either of those chosen skills.
Rapid Archery Active (Maneuver) No Take 2 strain; Linked quality with value of Ranged skill added to the weapon
Improved Parry Active (Incidental, Out of Turn) No Must have Parry. Spend Ø or ΩΩΩ and you can hit attacker with melee weapon. Base Damage + talents/abilities.

Tier 4

20 XP Each

Name Activation Ranked Description
Can’t We Talk About This? Active (Action) No Opposed Charm or Deception v. Discipline Check; The affected person cannot perform hostile action for 1 round. Each ^^ extends it to one additional round. Spend φ and all their allies will also not attack.
Deadeye Active (Incidental) No If you inflicts a Critical Injury with a ranged weapon; take 2 strain. Selectively apply Critical injury of same severity.
Defensive Passive Yes Increase melee/ranged defense by 1 (Max character defense of 5)
Defensive Driving Passive Yes Increase Vehicle Defense by 1 per rank.
Enduring Passive Yes Increase Soak value by 1 per rank.
Improved Field Commander Passive No Increase affected characters twice your Presence; Spend φ to allow 1 ally to perform an action instead of a maneuver
How Convenient! Active (Action) No Make (DDD) Mechanics check. Something mechanical fails at your discretion
Supreme Inspiring Rhetoric Active (Incidental) No Take 1 strain. Use Inspiring Rhetoric as a Maneuver instead of as an action
Mad Inventor Active(Action) No Make something from scraps (Table 1.4-1). Ø is bad — Item is very dangerous to users.
Overcharge Active (Action) No Make (DDD) Mechanics check. Cybernetics or Vehicle specific enhancement gets 1.5x the bonus until end of encounter. Ø or ΩΩΩ means bad things.
Supreme Scathing Tirade Active (Incidental) No Take 1 strain. Use Scathing Tirade as a Maneuver instead of as an action

Tier 5

25 XP Each

Name Activation Ranked Description
Dedication Passive Yes Permanently increase a Characteristic by 1
Indomitable Active (Incidental, Out of Turn) No When characer is becoming incapacitated, use a story point to stay up one additional round (if healed, obv. not incapacitated)
Master Active (Incidental) No Choose 1 skill; Take 2 Strain to reduce the difficulty by 2.
Improved Overcharge Passive No Spend φ or ^^ from your overcharge check to take another action immediately
Ruinous Repartee Active (Action) No Once per encounter, Opposed Charm or Coercion vs. Discipline within earshot; Successful; Target suffers strain equal to twice your Presence plus one additional strain per ☼. Your character heals strain equal to that inflicted. If Target is incapacitated; they flee, collapse, but are not ‘dead’.

Chapter 4

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