Wayward 28500

Wayward 28500

An adventure of time

There is just one week before we kick this campaign off!


Year 7320 – Watward

Sen. Barrett Johanson – Will make a critical vote that could prevent a financial collapse. Voted against his party to close loop hole.
Daughter was kidnapped (possibly by another faction) with the intention of swaying vote.

Daughters name – Elanor

Day planner/contact info and phone number are available.

Found Picture of Sen. and Daughter.

Daughter has been missing for around 2 weeks!

POK _ People of Kora _ Liberal
ROW- Republic of Wayward – Conservative

Sen is POK party – Daughter is non-political.

3 Weeks until the vote.

Zara questions bar tender
Open debates every Tuesday – Open to public. Public can ask questions.
Found the influencers of the party. (3 people).

Emeli William — Whip
Simon Leon — Rich Senator w/ political family
Stacey Nelson – Big Manufacturing

Met with Senator – He gave us keys to his house, the story and a method to contact him on a burner phone.

Wayward 28500
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