Zara Al-Bishi



Archetype: Average Human
Career: Socialite


2 2 2 3 2 4

General Skills:
Stealth(AG) = 1

Magic Skills: N/A

Combat Skills:
Gunnery (AG) = 1

Social Skills:
Charm(PR) = 2
Deception (CUN) = 1
Negotiation (PR) = 1

Knowledge Skills:
Knowledge(INT) =I

Strength- Witty

Talents: Knack for It (Tier 1), Ruinous Repartee (Tier 5)

Stun Gun, Concealable light pistol, heavy pistol

Armor: Heavy Jacket

Lockpicks, emergency med kit, flashlight, stims x5, 30 rohypnol tablets, valium, rat poison in baggies


Wayward Period: The Age of Automata
Born: 6351, Current: 6379
Birthplace: Wayward

Upbringing: Zara lived with her parents in the middle class districts of Wayward. For most of her childhood, she and her younger brother, Farid, played in the streets and attended school. Her father was a dirigible mechanic, her mother a lady’s maid.

In her time, she worked for a powerful Family in many different capacities, using her wit, wiles, coercion, and savvy to accomplish their goals.

Social: Ever since she was hired by the Family, Zara has been in society’s good graces. She is invited to galas and soirees, attends concerts and intimate parties, and dines often with the elite. While not noble-blooded herself, she is recognized by many…but then quickly forgotten, an advantage for her work.

Worldview: The world is an oyster, holding pearls of knowledge, exploitation, and wealth. Zara seeks to take advantage of whatever opportunities she can find, and has no qualms with taking whichever side is most convenient to her. She harbors some resentment for the upper crust, for they have what she wants, while also looking down on those who can’t pull themselves up and do better in life. She’s not bigoted, but neither is she sympathetic to most others.

Wanderlust: Zara would have been perfectly content remaining in Wayward in the Age of Automata…but circumstances drove her to jump into the time stream, and figure out a new way of life.

Zara Al-Bishi

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