Frank Memphis



Archetype: Natural

Career: Smuggler/Freelancer

Driving, Piloting, Operating, Survival, Brawl, Ranged (Heavy), Gunnery, Charm
Setting: Science Fiction


2 2 2 3 3 2

General Skills:
Athletics (BR)-1
Perception (CUN)-1
Resilience (BR)-1
Survival (CUN)-1
Vigilance (WILL)-1

Combat Skills:
Brawl (BR): 1
Gunnery (AG) 1
Melee (BR) 1
Melee Heavy (BR) 1
Ranged (AG): 1
Ranged (Heavy) (AG): 0

Social Skills
Coercion (WILL) 1

Strength- Courage: Always ready to shoot first. Never shying away from a good fight. Willingness to stand up to bullies in all forms. Courage is further stimulated when under the influence of powerful alcohols.

Flaw- Compulsion: Emotions, when strong enough, are the heaviest weights in tipping the scales of his decision making. Often his resulting in rash, poorly thought actions that can be reckless. Memories of failures often trigger these compulsions, jumping ahead without thinking.

Desire- Belonging: Frank no longer has a home, or a family. Everything he had was lost in war. The only thing he can hope for now is a fresh place to make a new start and will tear down any opposition to that dream.

Fear- Failure: Frank blames himself for everything he lost. Family, friends, home, all taken by the war he could not win. His fear of failure is the only rival to his courage.

Quick Draw – Incidental
Know Somebody – Incidental
Basic Military Training


Armor: Heavy jacket

Knife Melee +1 3 Engaged 1 25 1
Collapsible Baton Melee +2 3 Engaged 1 70 2
Heavy Pistol Ranged (Light) 6 3 Medium 1 300 3

Smoke Grenade Ranged (Light) 1 6 Short 1 25 2 Blast 1, Disorient 2, Limited Ammo 1, Stun Damage


Frank Memphis was born and raised on a small farm, like many others in Korra. His family came from a more traditional background, embracing farming technologies and rejecting the advantages of magic. Due to the close relationship with his father, wizards and magic were not well thought of in Frank’s mind. He spent the early years of his life working the farm with his father.

On the morning of his 18th birthday, the peace of the Memphis farm was forever shattered. Frank woke to the sounds of gunfire, explosions and screams. His family was being murdered by a band of ex-mercs. Frank fled into the woods, adjacent from the attackers. His last memory of his family was the night prior. He never saw their faces again. This was the ultimate failure that haunted and defined Frank’s path.

With no home or family, Frank found himself wandering in a world he now perceived as a void. The last Memphis was now a lone drifter. Seeking purpose inside the bottle, Frank fell deeper into a self medicated depression. Eventually, he found the perfect outlet for his rage and sadness. Frank spent the next 10 years climbing the ranks of a soldier; a damn good one. He found the military to (for a while at least) fill the void in his life. However, the pit in Frank’s heart was deeper than anyone could expect, including Frank.

“Dishonorably discharged…has a nice ring to it”, Frank thought to himself as he read the notification on his tablet. From this point on, Frank returned to his days of drifting. He adapted well to the lifestyle of a freelancer; mostly taking jobs ranging from bounty hunter to smuggling merchant. His new career synchronized quite nicely with the typical self destructive lifestyles associated with it. Frank kept his heart locked away deep inside, almost forgotten. He never sought to build close friendships, most creatures he keeps contact were nothing more than return clients. Things seemed to work well enough for Frank over the next few years. No trouble that was otherwise considered occupational hazards, and no one close to him to risk being lost. He had been alone for most of his life now and anything known before was a faded dream.

Frank Memphis

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